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Something more about me and my experience

My name is Waldemar and I am Product Owner in one of the largest companies which create a modern solutions in the telecommunication area.

As a product owner I’m responsible for resource planning, backlog management and leading a new functionalities in the organizational level. Before this I was Quality Manager & Scrum Master where I was responsible for improving processes and quality in department level. After work I’m still active programmer working on my projects.

Professional experience

Areas in which I have experience the biggest experience

Product Owner

As a product owner I have a experience in work with the multinational software teams to maximize product value based on the product backlog, Scrum ceremonies and methods available on the market. Work in this job position give the possibilities to use whole spectrum of the knowledge and experience achieved in the previous positions.  In my daily work I used knowledge not only from the software development are but additionally from testing and quality site.

Quality Manager

Before I was started work as a Product Owner I was Quality Manager. Experience witch I was received in this position was improvement my understanding about products quality, how to measure main KPIs, how to setup the quality goals and how to prepare RCA/EDA analyze to found main problems and improves process to reduce number of not planned accidents and bugs. As a QA Manager I was responsible prepared regular analyzes about problems and eventual ways to improve process.

Software Development

As a Software Developer I have a experience  in front-end, back-end layers and in the CLI applications. Those experience help me in my daily work as a Product Owner to understand and better communicate with the development teams. Additional benefit is ability to read technical documentation and better understand what is implemented.

Software Testing

One of my first professional experience was in the Software Tester position. This experience was learned me how to prepare user stories, user scenarios and how to analyze requirements. This knowledge is constantly use by me when I was worked as Software Developer, Quality Manager and in my current position as a Product Owner.

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