Commit monitor

Commit monitor is a tool prepared to people who dayle use gitlab, github or BitBucket. They are interesting tools but they haven’t some option, for example handling informations about unused branches, checking gitfows in names, … They are simple tools but they have option to tracking and verifying of actual state of git repository. This tool contain all features witch need specific group of users.

Rental Service

Rental Service is a project created to one of my university class. In ours work wery often we see how the companies think about equipments for example computers, monitors or even cars. My team try to figure out how to resolve this problem. We created system to manage this part of company and created mechanism to help them toget back some of theirs money

Audio analizer to the bow

Audio recorder

Audio recorder was a project created as tool to setup bow. Project was used as a tool with microsofon (the best way will be use accurate microphone). All bows are different, we have a lot of parameters and a lot of parameters of his users. Very often first step to figure out how it work is sound. When archer shut a arrow he heared this sound. Sometimes bows are very laught and we don’t now whats happend.

Compressing Machinery

Compressing Machinery is a project created to help machine constructors prepare better projects, program help user to select better values and type of material. Program additionally prepare calculations and simulations to show user the moust important parameters.

Atmosphere Protection Devices

Atmosphere Protection Devices project was created to univeristy class. This project was created to the prepare calculations to the Atmospher Protection Devices. Last time I was start to rebuild this tool and share to students in my last University to help them prepare a better projects.

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