1. Purpose of the project:

The main motivation during the implementation of this project was the problem of choosing the optimal parameters of the archery equipment. Each Olympic bow has individual parameters that are set based on the experience of players and trainers. In order to select the most optimal parameters, Sound Analyzer was created.

Application was created to measuring the volume level at during of work of the bow. The main purpose of creating this application is the selection of the optimal setting of the bow, based on the maximum amplitudes during shoot. Application using of the standard libraries of the java Sound Api. Program was created to academic archery section and some results will be showing on the photos.

2. Scope of the project:
– Prepare the layout of the program
– Write the function to recording sound from the program level
– Create a class to conversion from WAV to numerical values (Integers)
– Create class to visualize results of the program work
– The write and read data from CSV file.
– Create a function to compare different recordings in order to choose the best equipment selection.

3. Description:
Handling of this program is not to complicate. At first we must create a new WAV file because we must save ours record (screenshot 1).
If we have created a new file then we start recording the sample through pushing the button by the name “Recording”.screan.5

Next step is convert from WAV to Integer through the second button: Convert. In this place we choose how many arrows we shot to receive information about middle level of sound.screan.3
The most important thing is display the graph to showing result of program work. I add a screenshot one of the sample to present how this sound look. On the horizontal axis we have length of bytes and in the vertical axis is amplitude. chart
If we want save our results we just take the option from Menu Bar: Save as and choose the place with you want to save your data. When we write data, we using only CSV format. Then I adding a sample to show how is look like:


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