1. Introduction

Personal Health Organizer is an application created to organize and inform the user in real-time about meals, training and help to prepare a shopping list. It’s useful to list because if we use some products to prepare new meals thane automatically update the products list in our application. It’s help user to use all products from the fridge.

2. Purpose and implemented features

The project was created to help in meals and the training planning process. A lot of time was a situation where peoples move to trash some food because they don’t use them or forgot about that.

This project has implemented:

  • managing of new meals and calculation the meal’s calories
  • mechanism of creating new meals plans
  • start and stop mechanism creating a plan
  • checking of progress
  • basket where user have products that are still not used

3. Planed features

In this project will be implemented:

  • Preparing the shopping list to a single plan
  • Email validation of progress
  • Extend the exercise plan process

4. Program screens

Screenshot from 2019 10 19 22 50 58
Screenshot from 2019-10-19 23-00-23
Screenshot from 2019-10-19 22-57-05
Screenshot from 2019-10-19 22-59-31
Screenshot from 2019-10-19 22-59-10
Screenshot from 2019-10-19 23-00-00
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