Commit monitor

Project goal


Commit Monitor is a project created to a software development team witch work with git repositories. The main purpose of this project was the team needs to check the current state of branches, merge requests or pull requests, user activities. This tool collects information from all subscribed repositories about tasks in Gitlab or Github. We can validate how to commit we missed on our branches, which branch is not valid. Commit monitor has a mechanism to validate the names of commits and branch names.


Project commit Monitor was created to show information about:

  • project activities
  • statistics 
  • validations git flow
  • etc

From a manager or stakeholder site, they need quick information in a simple way. This project contains compressed information about user activities (commits, merge requests, labels, etc). From one site give the user information about the state of the project and in the second site check names and contents of user activities and informs about inaccuracies.


  • get information about git repository
  • prepare statistics of activities in selected repository
  • checking construction of MR-s



  • python 3.7
  • Flask
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript

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