1. Introduction

Project implemented for the needs of the organization aimed at improving the process of managing fixed assets in the organization. The main assumptions of the project included the management of rented equipment, keeping records of available fixed assets and creating a process of selling liquidated equipment.

2. Purpose of the project

  • The project was created to the university class.
  • A system to manage all tangible assets in the company
  • Create a history of tangible assets
  • Information about when a company should sell a tangible asset

3. Design assumptions of the project:

  • The project was prepared in the SharePoint platform
  • The logical part was created in the workflow
  • Use HTML and CSS to prepare better front-end
  • Use MicrosoftForms to prepare forms
  •  The project was prepared only in the Polish language

4. Final product screens


Front-end first screen

Front-end second screen

First screen form to send application to the boss

Second screen form to send application to the boss

Table with history about rental equipment

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